Dedicated to providing a safe harbor for your investments
Dedicated to providing a safe harbor for your investments

Going Beyond the Standard Obligation

At Pacific Investment Advisory, we pride ourselves on going beyond the standard investment advisor obligation.  We believe that by helping others, we make our world better.  We are dedicated to serving our clients and the community in which we live.

We have learned that our clients' success ensures our success, and making life better for others in the world around us makes life better for all of us. Therefore, we try to help our clients create the most advantageous philanthropic plans, and we support their charitable endeavors.

Supporting Our Clients' Charities

Little Children of the World / Little Children of the Philippines

We learned of Little Children through our clients, a couple who spent two weeks in the Philippines working side by side with the organization and local volunteers. Our clients helped teach residents in this poverty-stricken area to build the basics - latrines and shelter for neglected children.

An interdenominational Christian organization, Little Children's mission is not to hand out aid, but to build caring communities for children who are victims of extreme poverty and neglect in developing nations and to protect children who are vulnerable to abuse.

Through Little Children of the World, you can sponsor a child for as little as $1 per day, which covers the cost of food, school and medicine and other benefits.

Our clients tell us that 85% of a donation reaches the field, and that without doubt, Little Children has been their best investment.

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Operation Iraqi Children

One of our clients told us of her efforts to raise funds for Operation Iraqi Children, a foundation that sends school supplies to our US troops to hand out to children in Iraq who have nothing - not even paper. We joined in her effort and became very proactive, trying to raise awareness and find corporate sponsors to back the charity.

Although the program has now closed, we are pleased to have been a part of an effort that sent over 350,000 School Supply Kits, plus Shoes, Blankets and Clothing for our Military men and women to distribute to needy children in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as supplies for our Service Members.

Community Service
• 41 years active service in Pasadena's Tournament of Roses
• Past President, Kiwanis Club of La Canada

The Ryan Davidson Story

While managing the portfolio of a foundation in Wisconsin, Jim Phillips learned that the young son of one of the foundation's employees was recovering from his second episode of brain cancer. Since Jim had lost his first wife to cancer, the story resonated in his heart.

Upon learning the boy was a huge USC fan, Jim invited father and son to visit at the Phillips' home in southern California and attend a USC game. Calling on contacts within the Trojan football program, Jim arranged for the boy to attend a pre-game practice, meet the coaches and players, and attend a Pep Rally. The Trojans took it from there, showering young Ryan Davidson with USC gear and memorabilia and welcoming the eleven-year-old into their meetings, their locker room and their hearts.

In fact, later in the season, when USC vied for the National Championship at the Orange Bowl, the Trojans invited Ryan and his whole family to Miami and provided tickets for the game. Ryan's school and church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, helped raise money for the family's fare.

The story spread on the Internet and was picked up by reporters and USC alumni organizations across the country from Florida to Connecticut, Texas to Chicago - even into Canada. A USC alumni organization in Texas held a fund raiser for Ryan and sent him USC gear and souvenirs. We are thrilled to have helped create such a wonderful experience for a young boy who truly knows what "Fight On" means.

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