Dedicated to providing a safe harbor for your investments
Dedicated to providing a safe harbor for your investments

Our People

James A. Phillips, President   After more than 38 years in the investment business, as both a Portfolio Manager and a Securities Analyst, Jim Phillips operates Pacific Investment Advisory with one goal in mind: to offer highly personalized, top-tier service to people who were no longer getting that at the larger firms.

With experience in the investment departments of both large banks and investment firms, Jim has a proven track record growing wealth and managing assets for high net worth individuals, families and institutions.  His investment background began with a stint as a security analyst evaluating individual stocks and market sectors, before managing money as a Trust Investment Officer for Security Pacific and later Sanwa Bank.

In 1992, Jim joined Bank of America as Vice President and Executive Portfolio Manager, in charge of complex Trust and family relationships, until lured away by the investment firm of Brown Brothers Harriman. As VP and Senior Portfolio Manager for Brown Brothers, Jim handled accounts for families as well as institutions and non-profits.  Jim has a background in equities as well as fixed income investments, and his goal has always been to meet or exceed the performance of the S&P index.

Jim earned his BS and his MBA in Finance at the University of Southern California and is a member of the Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts and a Certified Senior Advisor.  Jim was an active member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association for over 40 years, and now serves in an honorary capacity. Jim also served on the USC Trojan Board of Directors and the Board of the USC School of Social Work. Jim is a Past President of the Kiwanis Club of La Canada.

Credentials: MBA, CSA Email:

Peggy Touchstone, CCO & Operations Manager   As Vice-President of Operations for National Educational Media, Peggy managed the day to day operations of a multi-million dollar international sales and distribution company. A former television writer and producer, she has over twenty years experience in both a creative and an administrative capacity, producing such shows as:
Name That Tune
You Asked For It
Truth or Consequences
Face the Music
the CrossWits
Prior to her Hollywood years, Peggy worked with Ted Turner in  his Atlanta operation as Director of Promotion and Director of Public Affairs, where she gained experience with legal and federal compliance and regulations.


Pacific Investment Advisory utilizes research services such as:
Fidelity Wealth Central
Fidelity research analysts
Investor's Business Daily
Value Line
Dow Theory
Wall Street Journal
and other services that specialize in analyzing the stock market and economic trends.

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